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Stay in our idyllic, restored farmhouse, which combines a peaceful rural retreat with easy access to the city of Boulder.

Organic Farm-Fresh

Vegetables, Flowers, Meat, Eggs, and Baked Goods

Oil on Canvas artwork

by Mary Ingham



We are an organic farm with large vegetable and fruit gardens, which we grow for our family. We sell our additional produce at the Farm Stand! Utilizing organic and sustainable growing practices, we believe that what we put into the soil, and what we feed our animals and ourselves, is directly tied to our health.


We love our animals like family members and they are all pets, so we do not eat them or cull them when they get old. They have the very important job of building up the soil with compost, and eating pesky garden insects. We would be delighted to introduce you to our farm helpers!



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Galiape (Gigi)

Events Coordinator





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We are Hep and Mary Ingham, the owners of Naughty Goat Farms. Hep is a Boulder native and works as an engineer; I’m a southern farm girl and I run the farm, manage our farmhouse rental, and sell my artwork. For many years, we divided our time between San Francisco and Boulder. In the end, Boulder is where our heart is so this is where we'll stay. 

My farm philosophy is simple: grow it from the Earth and share the bounty! In the South, where I grew up, everyone had huge gardens, and no matter how much money folks had, everyone was family. I get my love for animals, baking, and gardening from my grandmothers who raised dairy cows, had flocks of chickens, and grew vegetable gardens I could get lost in. At Naughty Goat Farms, we grow food to feed ourselves and sell what’s left at the farm stand, which we host with 2 neighboring farms--Valmont Valley Farm and Andrus Farm.

True to my roots, we also have many farm animals, whom we love like pets! We have roosters, ducks, and 100 hens, all named Lucy, who lay loads of fresh eggs, even in the winter. Our most popular residents are Coco, the llama, and his best friend, Billy, the original naughty goat. Coco was hired to protect our chickens from coyotes, but he became desensitized to our dogs, Willi and Bobbi, and started to ignore the coyotes, too. I’m relieved to say that the adoption of our two livestock guardians, Blue and Bella, the Great Pyrenees mix dogs, have solved all of our coyote problems! The Naughty Goat animals are all safe and sound, and living happy lives on the farm.

We want to invite you to share our harvests and eggs, meet our Naughty pets, and stay in our Historic Valmont Farmhouse, here, in Boulder, Colorado. Please join us for a taste of farm life, we'd love to have you!




3614 61st St.

Boulder, CO 80301


Winter Hours:

​​Saturday: 10am-2pm

(Weather Permitting)

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Seasonal Hours:

Friday: 3pm-6pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm