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Baby Goats of Summer!

Hello Naughty Goat Fans!

We have had some fun developments around here. Recently we have adopted 2 new baby goats!! Originally, I was asked to babysit the little white goat, Lillie. Sure! No problem! Who doesn't love an adorable baby goat for a few days. ....But (there's always a but), little Lillie's owner was also looking to re-home her. So, of course, I couldn't resist that sweet face!

I agreed to adopt her on one condition, she needed a friend. Goats, like people, become attached to one another and build bonds. Our original naughty goats (and llama), Billie, Coco, and Gigi are well bonded and I didn't want them to reject little Lillie. I had no option (wink,wink) but to adopt, Zumi, our little brown goat.

Please come meet our Naughtiest additions at the farm stand this weekend! We are officially open for Summer hours and have a lot to offer from local farms in the Valmont area. Check out what we have this week by clicking here!



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